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Market Research Boosts Innovations
research and analytics make your project stronger
  • Discover what your customers want
  • Thrill your investors
  • Be the first one with innovations
  • Find the best place for your business
  • Your eye for market gaps

My work is about making the world safer and more comfortable with market research and data analytics in the background. So I do

Research And Analytics Give Direction

Improving business requires careful analytics of available and researched data and transforming it into meaningful key performance indicators and business advice.

As market research consultant I use the data from my surveys, branch reports, from data acquired industry reports, search engines and statistics sites with extensive databases , your website and other websites. I  am sorting out what is meaningful for your business and do the transfer to decisive improvements.

I save you hours by doing the work. That’ s not all:  you get my knowledge and experience for a better future.


  • My customer journey research will send you more and satisfied customers
  • Market size evaluations tell you how many clients you can expect
  • Pricing analytics and research helps you setting the correct price for your products
  • Market data, competitor and client research helps you in price negotiations
  • Predictive models help you foresee future trends and planning business resources

Interested? I am offering free 30-Minutes consultations via phone. Use this link  for getting one.

I work from a house on the countryside between Freiburg im Breisgau and Colmar (Grand Est, France).   I am an university-educated economist, this ensures quality of the numbers and models I use. The decisive work and quality control I do myself. This ensures ongoing premium quality. If it makes sense I include the benefits of the vast amount of media and market knowledge growing in countries like Bangla Desh and Kenya.

The picture shows assistants and probands working on a market research project.
In-Depth-Interview for market research - Entretien approfondi pour l'analyse de marché
In-Depth-Interview for market research