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Use rising opportunities in the future with the help of market research

I am supplying decisive information about market size, competitors and trends and I look where your leads are. This is based on research on market size, power structures in the market, competition and typical route your prospective clients take.

Business and plants have in common: they need to know where they can grow. Market Research creates knowledge faster.
Plants need to test for knowing where they can grow. Market research helps businesses to test and grow.

My expertise helps you

  • going into new markets
  • finding the right packaging for good sales
  • targeting the most relevant customers
  • targeting the customers who really want your services
  • making a correct estimate of your future market share
  • analyzing how many future clients are out there

I have longstanding experience in software, computer serices, food, agriculture and schools.

Successful price negotiations and business strategy need research and analytics


Market research requires deep understanding

of markets, customer and supplier thinking. Human behaviour cannot be put in to large language models like ChatGPT. These rely on a mathematical model of former text. The human brain works different. Did you ever felt ignored in an Artificial Intelligence/Chatbot-powered customer support line?

I integrate new economic research into my reports. It helps to explain the powers on the market and predict the growth. An example you may find here in this research about why older people decide differently compared to younger ones.

Image by Nattanan Kanchanaprat from Pixabay