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Do you have that business idea that you wish to implement but you are not sure where to start? Do you want to check your business for chances in markets and threads coming from markets? Do you believe your marketingperformance needs improvement? Worry no more! You got the right professional.

What do I offer?

  1. General market research
  2. Comprehensive market research and analysis.
  3. Marketing data analysis with mathematical and statistical models for better marketing performance
  4. Database evaluation for better communication.
  5. Data Analytics and Statistics

Your benefits:

  • The key to successful implementation of any business idea rests upon adequate knowledge of your market, key market drivers, and your competitors.
  • Thus, my work will allow you to gain access to important data that will help you gain critical insights into the viability of your business idea.
  • Besides, my work will provide you with ideas on how to design your business plan and marketing strategies.

Where do I get information?

  • I have access to credible business publications.
  • I have access population and business databases.
  • I do surveys and database evaluations


I am always available to guide you before you place your order.

Market research and its integration into business processes is science and art at the same time. Statistics and data gives the reason, what to do with it is the consultants and the business owners decision. 

My favourite question: is it possible to do market research for a product which does not exist yet? You may find the answer in the blog posts.

Contact data is here, including a calendar tool to make phone appointments.