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Did you know that analysing plant growth factors and customer data use the same methods of data science? If you want to know more, here you can order coaching sessions for personal branding, customer success consulting and a business plan for nurturing your business.


  • Track record of empowering businesses across diverse industries, I bring a wealth of knowledge that spans from startups to established enterprises. 
  • My approach is personalized to your needs delivering solutions specific to your brand and goals.
  • My focus goes beyond advice, driving tangible results that fuel real business growth. 
  • I’ve worked across tech, creative, retail, and more. Whether in finance, healthcare, or e-commerce, my strategies fit your unique needs.

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To select the best data, models and intelligence for your project we need to know more about what your plans and intentions look like. You pay half of the fees after I confirmed your order and sent you payment details, the other half after I fulfilled the contract. There is a free service where you can test whats in it for you.

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