Technologies to reduce uncertainty

Technologies to reduce uncertainty

About this blog

Four years ago I initiated this blog for writing down my impressions and experiences as a teacher. I wanted to combine methods I use in market research with education science. Up to January 2015 I wrote in German, later I switched to English. This is because I get more and more connections to people who need Google Translator to get an impression of German text.

A lot of the articles here (German) are about using methods to get more skills in sales negotition. Second point is how to know more inner motivation of your customers and people you have to bargain with. Part of that is uncovering sales and public relation techniques that rely on the inattention and lack of education of the audience. Once the cover is blown up, this kind of techniques look funny.

The third point is about techniques helping in decision-making process, reducing uncertainty. Game theory and calculation scenarios might help here.

The Evolution Of Knowledge And Experience

Scientist thinks about formulas and hypothesis - reducing uncertainty
Scientist thinks about formulas and hypothesis – reducing uncertainty

I like to play with new technologies and ideas. I look how they can ease my or my customers life or make me more productive. If I think there is a wider audience for my findings and discoveries I will write a posting here. My coaching lessons are partly built on that knowledge base. The other part is 20 years experience in management, teaching and market research.

Limitations and what I do not write about

My failures and misconceptions :-). That will probably bore my readers. I am no writer of funny stories, there are authors who can do that better. Learners of basic subject taught might read approbriate textbooks.

Why there is no call-to-action button and I dont collect your e-mail-address

I also do not try to tease you to give you an email adress. Guidebooks for setting up a successfull website tell to make a “Call to Action”. In the lack of products available for ordering a lot of website owners think: “If the visitors sends me her or his e-mail, this will be a valuable trade”. Some of them do not know what to do with that adresses, others try to sell some crappy e-books or want you to get involved in multilevel-marketing, also known as ponzi schema.

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