Product tests, research and lean user

Product tests, research and lean user

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Many new developments or enforce one product over an extended time?

Fast innovation cycles produce a lot of new products and ideas. Most of them do not meet any user needs and fail, others are successful. Normally every freelancer or businessman develops some products and sells it. The products change over the years. For myself, the first product I sold was myself as teacher, later as a sales representative, computer specialist, coach and so on.

German business coaches tell: limit yourself to one product and sell that, be the best seller in that market. From the US I hear: develop a lot of products. Some get greater acceptance. There is your chance to have success. Lean User Research does not mean the user has to have a slim body. It means that the process of researching is lean.

How to get through that?

Concierge MVP in market research

There is an approach called Lean User Research. It is qualitative market research, with elder technologies arranged in a new way. One technique is known as Concierge MVP where MVP is minimum viable product. These means testing a product which is not yet finished or even not exists. How to test that? Do the process manually, change the process slightly and do more testing. When finished the entrepreneur knows what the user needs and can start building the software or the machine. Setting up an assembly line is expensive. Because of this intensive testing before is approbriate.

Adaption-Level-Theory and Lean User Research
The Adaption-Level-Theory. Lean User Research helps to find the level of acceptance

Fake Doors Test

This is done by announcing products which do not really exist. Measuring the interest on that products gives information. This helps to decide about further development. This kind of tests has disadvantages. Some products need some time until they get into the users mind. And announcing too much ghost products will give a bad reputation. If you want to try that: first read about marketing a person. If you are from middle Europe you know: The first impression about a character stays forever. People do not accept any changes, it does not fit in their picture of the world.

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